Gift certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to send a gift to the person who has everything. Gift certificates can be purchased by contacting me by email.

How long does it take?

Typically, watercolor portraits take 6 weeks from start to finish. It may take longer depending on how many paintings I am working on at any given time.

Oils can take up to 3 months or longer.

I ship anywhere in the US and internationally. 

Please feel free to email me any questions or requests you may have.


Watercolor pet portraits

I base my watercolor portraits cost on a head and shoulder with no background. The more you would like included in the painting, the more the cost goes up. I can also do any size portrait but the sizes listed below are the most popular.


5 x 7: $195

8 x 10: $295

oil pet portraits

My oil pet portraits are priced on a head and shoulder with no background.


12 x 12: $400

18 X 24: $600

Both watercolor and oil paintings can be customized to include anything you want. I can also paint any size oil painting. The price is based on the size and what you would like included in the painting.

I do all my portrait work from photographs. The clearer the photo, the better the painting will be.

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